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Talisman Films Scotland, based in Dunfermline was formed in 1982 by three friends, Gordon and Marianne Ellis and Bill Gourlay, mainly to make different films from the usual run of the mill type of films being made in the various cine clubs at that time..

Brian Ovenden was invited by Bill to join our group in 2007 as he had experience in all aspects of photography.

Since then we have recruited Robert Pratt to complete the group.

The Talisman Crew


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Robert Pratt

Treasurer and Web Site

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Secretary and Cameraman

Gordon Ellis

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 In 2003  we were asked if we would be interested in making a film

" Bridging the Forth"

This was an extremely interesting film to make as we were allowed virtually full access to all parts of the bridge including top of the towers and underneath the bridge platforms. The film was narrated by Sir Menzies Campbell and featured interviews with various people who either worked on the building of the bridge or the famous ferries until they were withdrawn in 1964.

 In 2005, our next production The Final Countdown was about the world famous Glasgow Apollo which closed in 1985 after a chequered history. The Greens Playhouse as it was know originally starting as a cinema and ballroom. It was renamed the Apollo in 1973 and became internationally famous as a rock venue. Virtually every well known artiste or group played there. Narrated by Clare Grogan, it also features interviews with former staff and some of the artistes such as Nazareth, Midge Ure, Hugh Cornwell and Fish.

In 2006 we decided to tell the story of the Dunfermline Opera House and feature interviews with people who worked there, attended performances there and also show the rebuilt theatre in all its glory in Sarasota Florida.

The film also has interviews with the architects who helped sell the interior of the theatre to Sarasota, the skilled decorative plasterworkers who worked on the dismantling of the original interior and also restoring the plasterwork in its new home.

Denise Coffey well known Dunfermline born actress agreed to do the narration of the film, which also features interviews with Ronnie Coburn, Tom Alexander, Jimmy Logan, John Shearer and Johnny Beattie.

 Over the years the group has assembled quite an extensive archive of movie film and photographs of events in Dunfermline and Kirkcaldy and it was decided to make our next documentary about the many changes in Dunfermline and put some of our archive to good use.

The Changing Face of Dunfermline illustrates the vast changes in the town from 1946 to the present day, showing the Upper Station before B&Q, some of the famous shops in the High Street before the Kingsgate, the Regal Cinema, the original bus station in Carnegie Drive, it’s move to the Kingsgate and then it’s move to the present site.

The demise of the Co-op and it’s demolition, along with the growth of the town, incorporating Abbey View, Duloch and the New Leisure Park.

The film was made with the assistance of a grant from Fife Council under the “Celebrating Fife in 2010” scheme.

 Our latest project is “Kirkcaldy Past and Present” once again using our archive of film and photographs taken over the years. It is now available from this site.

This film shows how Kirkcaldy has changed over the years, especially from the post war period to the present. 

We now have a second Old Kirkcaldy film called  Kirkcaldy Then and Now that goes back even further . This is narrated by Val McDermid.

We now have our latest film featured on here "Dunfermline Through the  Ages" It is a followup to our other film "Changing Face of Dunfermline" This has been completed at the end on 2019.


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